What are people saying about the course?

Thierry Schellenbach, CEO @ GetStream

“The course enabled us to ship a global edge network of video servers [...]"

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Aniket Behera, COO @ 100ms

“Because of the WebRTC courses, we launched our product in a tight timeframe and it was ready for market during the pandemic [...]"

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Louis Parks, CTO @ ExtendedCare Telehealth

“The courses have really helped us to anticipate what might be coming [...]"

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Rudresh Pandya, Senior Solutions Architect @ Plivo

“The biggest win has been the confidence it has given me when working with clients [...]"

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Robert Hess, Quality Inquisitor @ GoTo

“Deeper understanding of the connections between the bits and pieces of WebRTC [...]"

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Alberto Gonzalez, CTO @ WebRTC.ventures

“We are able to guide our clients in a more professional way [...]"

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Marcell da Silva, Core consultant

“My biggest win was gaining new knowledge, and the confidence I needed to develop advanced applications with WebRTC."

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Altanai Bisht, Student & author

“My biggest win has been the ability to integrate WebRTC in a large, scalable communication platform use case [...]"

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Luciano Ventura, QA @ Scoot

“My favorite thing so far is definitely the protocols running behind WebRTC."

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Kevin Dias

CTO @ Sidekick Therapy Partners

Tsahi has done an amazing job. I find both the Advanced WebRTC and Codelab courses to be invaluable. I also appreciate that Tsahi is available to answer questions in Slack and through office hours. This is definitely the best and most up-to-date WebRTC resource on the web!

Sakshi Pahwa

Senior Technical Product Manager @ Amazon

Thank you for putting in so much time and effort into making this course so helpful. The course has been pretty useful so far and I can’t wait to go on and learn more and apply some of the principles to my work.

David Pautler

CTO @ Modality.ai

Tsahi's course was tremendously valuable to our company. From what we learned, we were able to add passive monitoring for our proprietary platform that's comparable to paid services. I revisit his content for fresh insights.

Onur Özen

Director and Head of Product @ ADEYA

Advanced WebRTC Architecture course prepared by Tsahi is one of the comprehensible, well-structured and simplified WebRTC sources that we have ever encountered. The course is an invaluable asset for anyone who would like to understand and invest time in WebRTC.

Ryan Cartmell

Director, Production System Administration @ Intermedia

Our organization is new to WebRTC so many of these concepts were foreign to us. BlogGeek’s WebRTC course breaks these concepts up into relatable and easily understood modules which when put all together creates a very clear picture into how WebRTC works. This training has been invaluable to our organization and has equipped our team with enough knowledge and understanding to troubleshoot issues and better support our conferencing platform.

Nahrin Oda

Full Stack Developer

WebRTC is one of the most complicated technologies that I have ever experienced and the Advanced WebRTC Architecture course prepared by Tsahi broke down the main contents of this technology and explained it in a very smooth and easy to understand style. I also appreciate Tsahi’s recommendations through the slides.
This is not just an informative course, this is a course that you will learn from and you can rely on making more accurate decisions while incorporating WebRTC technology into your project.

Heather Young

Dev/Ops/PM @ &yet

The course is well laid-out and current. I work with this technology in an Ops capacity, so it’s great to learn this material more thoroughly rather than piecemeal from my co-workers as I have been.

Nicolás Amaya

CEO & CTO @ Human Online

A surface understanding of WebRTC is not enough to design a good service. Tsahi's WebRTC course was the perfect resource to go from understanding the basic principles and being able to code simple use cases, to a well-rounded, full-picture understanding of WebRTC.

Fredrik Johansson

Software engineer @ Tobii

This course is very convenient to get a “linear walk-through” of WebRTC, so I don’t get lost in a sea of more or less important information. Complementing that with some links for each lesson is also very good.

Kalyan K Pasumarthy, PhD

CEO @ Shri Services Oy | Swapicom

WebRTC course from Tsahi is the best place to start for anyone who wants to understand the concept, intricacies or develop WebRTC apps. The course has various modules starting with conceptual understanding (non-technical) to technical intricacies influencing the connectivity & quality of WebRTC.

Tsahi's expertise with VoIP and deeper understanding of the WebRTC is a great combination for every VoIP business seeking transformation.

The best part of the course is the office hours conducted every fortnight, where Tsahi personally explains the concepts and gives the opportunity to ask any question in the context of VoIP & WebRTC.

Walmyr Filho

Software Engineer in QA @ appear.in

I’ve been working with WebRTC for a year before enrolling to this course. After going through the course, I can say that I finally now know exactly how the ICE process works and have a much better understanding of audio and video codecs, media processing and topics such as Simulcast and SVC. I will definitely be getting back to some of the course lessons whenever needed.

Arin Sime

 Co-founder & CEO of WebRTC.ventures

The Advanced WebRTC Architecture course is a must-have for anyone interested in WebRTC. Tsahi takes you through everything you need to know about WebRTC at the business and technical architecture level. It’s required viewing for all new hires in our team!

Fernando Alonso

Software Developer @ WebRTC.ventures

I was signed up to this course because I had almost no experience with WebRTC. Having working experience with Freeswitch/SIP, I hoped to establish associations with that background so I can do similar things on the WebRTC world. After taking the course, I now understand WebRTC a lot better. This helps me take the right technical decisions.

Lantre Barr

CEO of Blacc Spot Media

Tsahi’s course is a great investment that every company building real-time solutions using WebRTC should take. Our entire team enjoyed the course and one on one time Tsahi provided.

Pankaj Gupta

Founder and CEO @ vCloudX

We’ve signed up our team to the course and the immediate feedback was very positive. The content and the flow make it easier to learn WebRTC, and there’s a good balance for beginners as well as intermediate level of engineers.

Steeve Boutboul


This course is a real asset for anyone who wants to understand deeply what WebRTC is and how it works. Very well documented and explained.

Juan Carlos Garrido Mejías

Skylife Engineering

"I've been working with WebRTC for two years. After a year I found the course. This course helped me to better focus our needs.
I'm sure It will be a good help in the future, because we'll surely need to make architecture changes focusing on an on-demand service."

Peter Cardillo

Streaming Turtles, LLC

I really enjoyed the course, the material is a great learning and resource tool that I will be using time over time.