Success Story: Marcell da Silva

“My biggest win while taking this WebRTC course was gaining new knowledge AND the confidence I needed to develop advanced applications with WebRTC.”

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Marcell’s Results

  • No longer frustrated with small issues
  • Confirmed his own knowledge of WebRTC
  • Improved confidence with WebRTC
  • Easy access to support

How BlogGeek.Me helped Marcell develop a deeper understanding of WebRTC

  • Expertly designed courses
  • A blend of theoretical and practical tasks
  • Experienced teachers
  • A positive learning community

What were your biggest challenges before the WebRTC course?

My name is Marcell da Silva, and I work as a Core Consultant in WebRTC Ventures. It is a company that outsources the development of WebRTC applications, and I am also an individual entrepreneur.

I was becoming quite frustrated as there was no one to ask for help on technical issues, and there was no solid course out there.

It was basically an empty field yet discovered and there were no good solutions or patterns. Facing what seem like small problems that took days to be solved, which was really annoying.

What results did you see after signing up for the WebRTC Courses?

Now I have a clear path when I want to debug something, or explain something to a client. My line of thinking is smoother, and I can give better explanations because I am more certain of what the next step in solving the issues is.

Before the course I was unsure of myself. I felt like maybe I was the only one who had certain opinions on WebRTC, but this course confirmed that I was correct in many things. People who have studied the software and done much deeper experiments confirmed my ideas with evidence.

What makes the WebRTC Courses a good choice?

This particular course was really different from other content I have seen online. There is a great depth of knowledge shared in this course, both theoretical and practical.

Other resources tend to stick to just one approach, which is usually explaining things in theory. In order to appeal to everyone, they are broad and generic.

With BlogGeek’s WebRTC course, the author takes both approaches at the same time. I can see things in theory and then make sense of how to use that in practice. 

Being able to practically apply the skills has improved my confidence. Instead of feeling like someone that is experimenting with stuff, I now have a solid base of knowledge.

Who would you recommend the WebRTC Courses to?

I would definitely recommend’s WebRTC courses for anyone acting as an engineer for an application. 

Even if you do not need all of the knowledge that is taught, you will at least have a good understanding when bigger problems arise, and access to others you can ask for help.

👉 Check out what others are saying about the WebRTC courses