Success Story: Louis Parks

“Our business is different now because we are looking towards the step beyond WebRTC. I feel like the courses have really helped us to anticipate what might be coming, or what dangers we are going to encounter very soon.”

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Louis’s Results

  • Has the perfect course for onboarding
  • A shared language among his staff
  • Deeper knowledge of WebRTC
  • Confidence acting as an expert with clients

How BlogGeek.Me helped Louis successfully onboard new employees

  • Flexible learning options
  • Accessible content
  • Developed by industry experts
  • Updated with the latest trends

What were your biggest challenges before the WebRTC course?

My name is Louis Parks, and I am the Chief Technology Officer of ExtendedCare Telehealth. I was looking for a series of classes that I could use as part of the onboarding curriculum for both new and existing employees.

Our business is in WebRTC and this was the perfect class I could find to get everybody on the team using the same basic vocabulary and with the same basic knowledge

What results did you see after signing up for the WebRTC Courses?

We are often the smartest people in the room when it comes to WebRTC, and we owe that mostly to these courses. 

We are very up on the technology, and on where we think the industry as a whole is going. People have come to us looking for advice on that. The secret to our success are the courses and the stuff that goes with it.

What makes the WebRTC Courses a good choice?

WebRTC has a great balance of deep down technical knowledge, but presented in a way that non-technical people could understand as well. 

I watched the videos before we purchased them for the whole team, and I felt that they could speak to the widest range of people. We all have to speak to each other, use the same words, and have everything mean the same thing. 

If anything, the classes are a dictionary, and when there are disputes about stuff, we would often go back and see what they said in the lessons. It is a great tool from an internal communication perspective.

Is the WebRTC Course a good investment?

The price per student is very reasonable compared to the other courses out there. It is very easy for me to justify.

Everyone is confident with a basic understanding, and if there is something new that comes up, it is not from a lack of training on our part. We have got the bases pretty well accounted for. 

I buy this course for every employee to come and watch, and I will continue to do so as we onboard more people that need to get ramped up in WebRTC.

Who would you recommend the WebRTC Courses to?

I would recommend WebRTC to everyone, as long as they are not a competitor! I like having them in my back pocket. For anyone looking for some WebRTC courses, I can’t recommend them enough.

👉 Check out what others are saying about the WebRTC courses