Success Story: Alberto Gonzalez Trastoy

“Now we are able to guide our clients in a more professional way. We are also able to teach them about the nuances of WebRTC and about what we are able to achieve.”

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Alberto’s Results

  • Clearer understanding of WebRTC
  • Better able to build new products
  • A deeper understanding amongst his team
  • The ability to execute on ideas faster

How BlogGeek.Me helped Alberto build a base of knowledge amongst his technical team

  • Courses for developers and support staff
  • A range of quality eBooks
  • Resources informed by deep industry experience
  • Learn at your own pace

What were your biggest challenges before the WebRTC course?

My name is Alberto Gonzalez, and I work at WebRTC Ventures as the CTO. Originally we were a services company, but for the last seven years, the company has specialized in building real time applications using video and audio.

WebRTC is one of the core protocols and standards we use on a daily basis. Figuring out how to use WebRTC, that was one of our challenges. 

It was not very stable, so there were issues with different browsers or on mobile. It is all very complicated, so we wanted to make sure we had a solid base of knowledge for all our projects.

What results did you see after signing up for the WebRTC Courses?

Most of our projects use WebRTC, so to architect them we have applied the knowledge from these courses many times.

It is good for everyone on the team to see how the technology works and how we are building out these projects.

WebRTC helps keep everyone on the same page and have a basic shared understanding. With that we can move a little bit faster. The staff knows there is a place to check if they don’t know how to do something.

What makes the WebRTC Courses a good choice?

There is a range of course types on offer, with a lot of interesting modules. 

Some provide a base of knowledge, others like Codelabs, can be useful for developers because you start familiarizing with some of the bigger picture problems. There is something in WebRTC for the whole team.

Who would you recommend the WebRTC Courses to?

If you are developing an application related to audio and video in real time, these courses can be very helpful for your technical team. Even managerial positions could find value if they are technical.

I would recommend the WebRTC course because they give you a way to speak with the developers and other technical members, so you can speak the same technical language.

👉 Check out what others are saying about the WebRTC courses