Success Story: Robert Hess

β€œMy biggest win with the WebRTC course has been gaining a deeper understanding of the connections between the different bits and pieces of WebRTC.”

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Robert’s Results

  • A deeper understanding of WebRTC
  • Able to build connections more easily
  • Quicker at troubleshooting customer problems
  • A framework he can go back to when needed

How BlogGeek.Me helped Robert develop a deeper understanding of WebRTC

  • Highly experienced course leaders
  • Industry leading course materials
  • Up to date information, informed by industry experience
  • Learn at your own pace with a structured course

What were your biggest challenges before the WebRTC course?

My name is Robert Hess, and my job title is Quality Inquisitor. I am working for GoTo, which is a company that makes GoTo Meeting, GoTo Resolve and a lot of other stuff. 

I have worked with customers, but also with our internal developers to look into packet captures and log files. We started out 25 years ago with protocols like H.323 and SIP, and we have some proprietary protocols, but these days it’s all WebRTC.

We have been doing this for a number of years, but it still feels very new and that is why this course seemed perfect. 

Also, we know Philipp Hancke quite well, as we also worked with each other in other contexts, so it was kind of natural to look into this course offering.

What results did you see after signing up for the WebRTC Courses?

The WebRTC course is essentially a very good overview of the whole topic. I now have a better understanding about the whole process, including all the variations in communication. 

As a result of this, the inner model of how stuff works got much better. If you analyze things, you get individual facts from customers and then you have to match that somehow in our model. I now have a much better way to map these things and understand what is going wrong. 

What makes the WebRTC Courses a good choice?

I think this is the only comprehensive offer out there for training in WebRTC. Philipp and Tsahi have so much experience and are deep into that code. These guys contribute to WebRTC code themselves! 

They really know the ins and outs, and they have put this course together in a very systematic way. 

The dialogue is also quite nice. I don’t believe there is another piece of training out there that is so comprehensive, be it a book or a course. 

Is the WebRTC Course a good investment?

This course is definitely worth the investment. It is not something you will do once and understand fully,  because it is so complex. You will always go back to specific aspects, maybe triggered by customer issues.

It is definitely super useful and for the complexity of the topic, it does not take that much time to get up to speed.

Who would you recommend the WebRTC Courses to?

I definitely would recommend the WebRTC course. I think it is a perfect and comprehensive view into the inner workings of the software and it is nicely scheduled. There are different modules which look at different aspects, and I highly recommend that you give it a go.

πŸ‘‰ Check out what others are saying about the WebRTC courses