Success Story: Aniket Behera

“Because of the WebRTC courses, we launched our product in a tight timeframe and it was ready for market during the pandemic. It allowed us to gain clients and scale up. Since then, we have grown from zero to 60 employees, serving thousands of clients across the globe.”

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Aniket’s Results

  • Rapidly developed expertise in WebRTC
  • Was able to rapidly respond to market demand
  • Now has a team of 60
  • Serves thousands of clients

How BlogGeek.Me helped Aniket build a successful business using WebRTC

  • Detailed and practical courses
  • Based on real industry experience
  • Personalized help and advice
  • Insights and tips that cannot be found elsewhere

What were your biggest challenges before the WebRTC course?

My name is Aniket, and I am the COO and co-founder at 100ms. Our company sells live video infrastructure as a service to developers who are looking to build custom live video systems inside their websites and apps. 

We have been building fairly cutting-edge live video technology systems for a long time, but we did not know a lot about WebRTC. 

As the pandemic hit, a lot of other engineers started reaching out about WebRTC, as they were using it when building their own live video systems. 

We knew about live video in general, but needed a bit more on WebRTC specifically. That is where Tsahi’s company, BlogGeekץצק became important for us.

WebRTC Weekly had a lot of those insights that we needed and it helped us to wrap our heads around WebRTC and what was happening with the technology.

What results did you see after signing up for the WebRTC Courses?

The main result for us was the ability to build out our platform very quickly. The fact that we were able to build the business is in a small way due to the information that BlogGeekצק and WebRTC Weekly provided.

I do not think we could have sort of learned as much in such a short time without those courses.

What makes the WebRTC Courses a good choice?

Some nuances and details about WebRTC on the course are not discussed elsewhere. Some of the more specific expert content was invaluable, and it helps you to design a more reliable platform. 

They come from a practitioner’s point of view, which is very practical, as opposed to a theoretical approach that does not consider real-world applications. I think that are the ones who do this best.

Tsahi was super forthcoming, so we were able to chat with him a couple of times and that helped provide some context.

Who would you recommend the WebRTC Courses to?

I definitely think that the WebRTC course is something we would do all over again. 

Given the time constraints we had, and the practical real-world implementations that we needed to build, I think they are the only ones who could provide enough context for us to learn WebRTC very quickly. 

I would highly recommend WebRTC in any scenario!

👉 Check out what others are saying about the WebRTC courses