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Supporting WebRTC

This training is designed to suit anyone involved with the Support of WebRTC based applications, including cloud contact centers, web conferencing, etc.


This training is focused on support teams who need assist their users with connectivity and quality issues related to WebRTC based applications.

The course includes the following modules:

  1. WebRTC in a Nutshell - a high level view of WebRTC, at a level suitable for dealing with support tickets
  2. Connectivity - a review of the connectivity requirements in WebRTC
  3. Media Quality - a look at media aspects of WebRTC sessions, both audio and video
  4. Know Your Product - explanation on common WebRTC architectures and how they affect user issues
  5. Quality Improvement - things you can assist your users with in order to improve the quality they experience
  6. Troubleshooting - how to troubleshoot certain issues related to WebRTC
  7. Common Complaints - a list of complaints you usually get from users, and what to do about them
  8. How To - a how to library with videos you can share with users for certain common issues
  9. Glossary - a video glossary of terms you need to know about WebRTC