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Scaling Jitsi

How the Jitsi team scaled Jitsi Meet into a global video conferencing service.


Jitsi Meet is a popular, open source, video communications project suite. At its heart sits Jitsi Videobridge, a WebRTC compatible video router (SFU) that lets you build highly scalable video conferencing infrastructure.

The project has an online demo that outgrown that status into a fully fledged, scalable service that showcases its capabilities. This is https://meet.jit.si. To understand what goes into scaling the Jitsi Videobridge, I sat with Emil Ivov, the founder of Jitsi. The result is this eBook.

If you are planning on launching your own WebRTC application, then check out what steps you will need to take to run it globally at scale. The eBook is kept short and focused on the essence of scaling. It is arranged in 6 chapters (each spanning a page):