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CPaaS Vendor Comparison

This eBook and Excel sheet offers a glimps at the differences between CPaaS vendors and how this will manifest itself in the coming years.


CPaaS is a rapidly evolving domain with billions in market share that is expected to grow.

It is interesting to look at some of the CPaaS vendors out there and how each one is trying to differentiate itself with its product offering - where it invests more and what capabilities it has on sale. This approach leads us to a better understanding on where the market is headed as well as a better understanding of what CPaaS really means.

In this short eBook, you will find how different vendors are looking at 7 different areas related to communication APIs:

  1. 1
    nocode - the notion of writing less code
  1. 2
    Feature set - the types of features vendors are focusing on
  1. 3
    Omnichannel - catering communications across many different mediums (or channels)
  1. 4
    AI - artificial intelligences and machine learning and its place in CPaaS
  2. 5
    CXTech - adjacent industries and how they affect the definition of CPaaS and the players in this space
  3. 6
    M2M/IOT - how programmable messaging NOT between humans is being cater for by CPaaS vendors
  4. 7
    Measurements - where media quality is finding a home in CPaaS

The eBook is accompanied by an Excel sheet looking at these areas across the following vendors: