Lesson Progress:

We’ve come to the end of Section 1, which should give you a pretty good feeling about what WebRTC exactly is and understand its fundamentals.

This course is by no means an exhaustive review of WebRTC, and there’s much more to learn and understand – especially as things change almost daily with WebRTC.

For that purpose, I’ve gathered a few select resources for you. These are the resources I use when I want to learn more about WebRTC and keep abreast with everything that goes around with it.


  • webrtcHacks – This site has a low frequency high quality publishing policy. The content is highly technical, very useful and stands the test of times. Whenever you have a technical issue with a “topic” in WebRTC – search it first on webrtcHacks for a detailed explanation
  • WebRTC Standards – This site focuses on the specification changes done in WebRTC. Follow it to make sure you prepare in advance for the modifications and additions coming to the standard. They also host a Live Q&A every month or so
  • WebRTC Glossary – This is a site I maintain. It holds the many acronyms and terms used in WebRTC with short explanations on each and some useful links to additional resources
  • WebRTC Weekly – The WebRTC Weekly curates the best content about WebRTC every week and sends it out via email to subscribers
  • WebRTC Index – This is where companies showcase their WebRTC products, and where you can find vendors to assist you with your own needs
  • – My site, where I write on a regular basis about WebRTC. If you’re already doing this course, then you got subscribed to my updates there as well


There aren’t a lot of books out there to teach you about WebRTC, but the few that are out there are quite good.

I did a roundup of WebRTC books in 2014 that is still relevant, and there are some more detailed review (and a few additional books) that you can find out more information about if you search this site for  a “webrtc book“.

Having one or two of them around for reference is a good idea (and something that I have in my house as well).


There are many events around the world related to WebRTC and quite a few meetups as well.

For the meetup ones, just search for one near your vicinity – some are more active than others.

The best event I can recommend is probably Kranky Geek – a developers focused WebRTC event. You can find all past sessions on YouTube.