WebRTC Innovation and Differentiation in a post pandemic world

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An online workshop on the future of WebRTC


2020 is the year of video communications. The pandemic has plunged us 5-10 years into the future of adoption in a short span of time. Companies opened their backburners, increasing their investment in this market. By extension, this means WebRTC is now more important than ever.

This year also marks a distinct shift in Google’s support towards WebRTC. The two most glaring examples are:

  1. Unifying all of its comm apps under a single team. This includes WebRTC developers who are no longer “specific” to WebRTC
  2. Investing in machine learning innovation around WebRTC without making it a part of WebRTC, effectively launching a private, internal branch of WebRTC

What are companies in the communication space doing moving forward? How should they think about WebRTC and how should they plan for what lies ahead?

About this course/workshop

This course site is the recorded workshop that took place in July 2020.

It is available here in its entirety, including the session recordings, slide decks and additional resources available for you.

If you are interested in WebRTC’s future and roadmap, and need to make decisions related to WebRTC in your organization, then this workshop is for you.

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