The Future of Video & Realtime Communications

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An online workshop on the future of video & realtime communications


The pandemic has brought us into a new future. A future where online communications is commonplace and the use of video and realtime communications (RTC) are mandatory tools in our corporate and personal worlds.

There is no going back. We will all see the office again, and go to concerts. But we will also communicate and interact remotely a lot more often. For some this will reflect budget constraints, while for others simply because it remains better and easier for them. Hybrids and innovative forms of interaction will be everywhere.

In this 3-part workshop, Dean Bubley and Tsahi Levent-Levi will take you through the brave new world of realtime communications, covering the business and market aspects while skimming through what the technologies today are capable of doing – and most interesting use-cases.

About this course/workshop

This course site is the recorded workshop taking place May 2021.

It is available here in its entirety, including the session recordings, slide decks and additional resources available for you.

The sessions will be populated here, once they take place.

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